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Release Date:     Thursday 19 January 2023
Gerne:                 Hyper Casual, Physics Puzzle
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Origin Story

When my son played his first mobile game a couple of months back I decided to make a mobile game for him that prioritized entertainment over education, unlike many games for kids. After testing it with him. I had so much fun that I decided to release it to the public.


In Boing, you’ll get to relive the joy of knocking down a tower of toys with just one shot! Simply tap to launch a ball towards the stack of toys, and watch as it bumps, bounces, and smashes its way through. The goal is to knock over all the toys before you run out of stars. Can you do it?

How to Play

– Just tap anywhere with one finger and the ball will be launched in that direction
– Knock all the toys down before your stars run out
– Use bouncers and other toys to pick up speed and knocker over even more toys.


– Fun gameplay
– Easy Controls
– Great time killer