Time Tracker is now available on the Asset Store

The first version of my Unity Editor Extension is now available in the asset store.Stop guessing how long a feature took, by installing this free asset. Description Time Tracker is an editor extension that automatically keeps track of the time you spend on a project. It does this by looking at certain events e.g.: Importing Assets, Typing in the Editor, Closing the Editor… To open … Continue reading Time Tracker is now available on the Asset Store

Zoo Party Softlaunch

Wohoo Zoo Party just went into softlaunch in Vietnam. This is the second time I try my hand on mobile game development and I hope it goes better then last time.   What is Zoo Party? Zoo Party is a unique puzzle game for mobile devices. It features a relaxing but soemwhat challenging puzzle mechanic, where you control all the animals on the screen at … Continue reading Zoo Party Softlaunch

Will Glow the Wisp – Retrospective

Hi I wanted to take a look back of what went right and what went wrong while developing Will Glow the Wisp, so lets jump right into it. Failure 1: Not being able to talk about the game I am now showing a collection of impressions from Youtubers (some of you might have seen that already), because it shows how hard it is to explain … Continue reading Will Glow the Wisp – Retrospective