Will Glow the Wisp – Privacy Policy

This game collects the following data: Your username, your User Id, your level progress, your best time, the amount of stars
and the replay data of your best try per level. This data is used to have players compete against each other.

In addition you can opt in to share your email address and a website or youtube channel,
to make it possible for us to send you information and have other players be able to visit your channel or website.

This data is collected and maintained by PartTimeIndie and will never be shared with any third party. The highscore
information and link to your website or channel are shared additionally with other players inside the game.

If you have any complaints, questions or want your data deleted, please contact parttimeindie@gmail.com

If you want to play the game without us collecting any data, click “Play Offline”.
You can enable or disable this option in the menu under “Options”.