Newsletter May Update

­ Hi, I hope you all are doing well. It has been a while since I last send you an update, and I think it’s time to go over everything that happened in the last couple of months. First I have now a second son, which makes me very happy and proud, and I can not wait to start playing games with him. I also changed my day job, I am working for Gentle Troll a small Indie Game Studio from my hometown Würzburg. I am really excited to now work in full time on games. All this combined means that I am spending a little less time on School of Magic, which is why I will delay the release of School of Magic. It should now release in Q1 of 2023.  In the meantime, don’t forget to wishlist School of Magic, it helps me a lot by telling steam that there is interest for the game. 

School of Magic

Character Editor

Past Events

I did participate in four events since my last newsletter. Things started off with the Games from Germany sale, which was an awesome experience. I am really happy with the results and I wanted to say thank you to Games Bavaria that helped organize the event and gave me the opportunity to be part of the sale. Shortly afterwards I took part in the Steam Next in February, which was excellent. I got a lot of people playing the game, which helped me to see some issues with the game. Afterwards I was part of G.Round which is a service that provides game studios with testers for their game. You also get some visibility because they have quite some YouTubers / Streamers in their ecosystem. Anyway, the feedback is already incredible helpful, and I wanted to say thank you to their team for giving me the opportunity. And last but not least, I was part of the Steam going Rogue sale, but it did not really bring me any real exposure, because it was more focused on released games and School of Magic is not in the top tier of upcoming games. Overall, I am very happy how the first 4 months of the year went, and I am looking forward to what is coming next.

Upcoming Events

First I am going to be part of the INDIE Live Expo 2022 which will be from May 21 – 22. If you are interested in indie games I suggest you take a look, this is an event with some Asian roots, so expect a lot of games you have never seen before. And last but not least I am probably going to be part of the gamescom 2022 (this time in real life), since this is not a done deal I will go into this in more detail in my next newsletter.

I wish all of you a good time and happy gaming.

Regards Nikolas Crisci

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