Unity 3D and TFS integration

I just wanted to quickly share my experience in how to setup a Unity3d project and use tfs server for Version Control. At first i had quite some problems doing this but now i think i am finnaly fine.

Steps that i did:

First i followed the steps from this link adress. Note i added the root folder of the Unity 3d project (Era) not the scripts folder.

Then i needed to do some additional steps to exclude some folders:

I went to Pending Changes (down at Excluded Changes) i pressed Detected Changes.

A Popup appeared showing me alot of changes.

I ordered by folder name and excluded some folders so i rightclicked on a file directly inside the folder and selected Ignore by folder.

These where the folders i Ignored:
(Because i took a while to find this solution the Data folder is still inside, i do not think it is needed but it doesnt seem to hurt, almost never changes so i am fine with that).

I Pressed okay to promote the rest of the changes and checked in.

Now i am able to work as written in the description.

Hope others find this helpful as well.

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